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1   Link   Lookle
LOOKLE is a search engine that searches through Australian web sites only. It filters and sorts through all sorts of data, helping users to find exactly what they are looking for.
2   Link   Primary School Search
A customised educational search engine for Australian students.
3   Link   Kidsclick
Backed by librarians, KidsClick lists 5,000 web sites in various catergories.
4   Link   Storyline Online
Allows children to listen to stories read by some famouse people.
5   Link   Star Fall
This is a great site that can assist with your child learning to read.
6   Link   National Geographic
Great for kids projects etc. Lots of fun games, activities, videos and stories.
7   Link   Homework Helpers
The links given below are there to help you find answers to homework questions you may have. They cover all areas of study at both primary and secondary level. Where possible, Australian sites have been used.

8   Link   Our Cool School
Great information on environmental issues - Climate Change, Widelife & Biodiversity, Artic & Antarctica, Weird Science. Check it out!!!
9   Link   QWIKI
Qwiki is an interactive encyclopaedia of over 2 million reference terms including a wide variety of people, places and things. Type in your search term and it is transformed into a visual presentation accompanied by real-time audio narration and other data including maps, movies, images, animations, and much more.

10   Link   Fotopedia
Fotopedia is an online collaborative photo encyclopedia. Anyone can join the community and help build the encyclopedia. Add your own photos or select photos from a large pool of Creative Commons licensed photos which are reusable.

11   Link   Fun Comic Generator
MakeBeliefsComix.com is an educational comic strip creator from author from author Bill Zimmerman. Create, print, and email your original comic strips
12   Link   Engquest
Engquest provides an exciting way for students to participate in fun & educational engineering activities involving math, science and technology. Activities come with compled teacher resources. Free to register
13   Link   IXL Maths for Pre-School to Year 9
IXL Maths for Pre-School to Year 9 - IXL is completely aligned to the Australian national curriculum, providing comprehensive coverage of each learning objective. Lots of games to help kids increase their maths skills.

Allows users to practice their maths skills in all areas of maths at varying Year Levels.

15   Link   Sesame Street
Children will enjoy exploring the rich content of this entertaining webside which features all the characters from Sesame Street. Includes games, videos, songs and many more activities.
16   Link   Energy Bob's Power Quest
Energy Bob’s Power Quest! Our new game specifically designed for Australian students. Power Quest is a fun arcade-style online computer game where players can test their skills and learn a thing or two about energy along the way. Players must race the clock and navigate through rooms switching off appliances using the space bar and arrow keys. It can be played as an activity in the classroom or at home on the family PC. Our mascot Energy Bob zips around the four levels saving energy, but don’t worry there will be handy tips along the way.