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You Can Do It Team!!!

Last week during You Can do It, the students were looking at the key of ‘Getting Along’ and so were involved in a hut building session.  As part of the session, students broke into 2 teams and where given roles within the group. Once each group member had a job, they were responsible for coordinating that area of the build- for example, grass collection, stick collection, site preparation, construction, supervisor etc! This tested the Getting Along skills to the max!!!

The conditions of this session involved the construction of a triangular shaped hut, that was free standing (no trees for leaning), must be made of 100% natural products (sticks, grass, leaves and dirt), had to be able to fit 2 group members inside in a sleeping position, and had to withstand 9 litres of water on the roof poured by Mr Greenaway.

Both teams had great success, though neither survived the 9 litre downpour!