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Last week the Juniors learnt about 'Procedural Texts'. We followed instructions to make a Treasure Map and followed a recipe to make a Jelly Slice!

"A recipe is something to make that you eat." -Braydn

"You have to have all the ingredients and you have to do it right." Nathan

"It tells you what to do and you follow the instructions in order or it won't taste yum." Tyson

"There are 3 parts to a procedure, a heading, what to do and what you need." Aliza

"We crushed the biscuits up with a rolling pin." Jasmyn

"We poured the condensed milk in the bowl and put in on the biscuits." Ruby

"We poured hot water on the jelly and mixed it, then we put cold water in then we mixed it again." Jay

"We put the jelly in the fridge then we waited for it to get cold then we poured it on the condensed milk."

"Then we ate it!" -Junior Grade

We made enough so that the Grade 3-6's could have a taste and there was even some left over so we could take it home to our family.

And the verdict - JELLY SLICE IS YUM!!!!!!!!!