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As part of our investigation studies this term into our environment, our Science teacher, Miss Chittick arranged for us to climb Mt Wombat and then take part in some bush activities, including bush cooking.  We had a fantastic day and learned much from the hands on experience.  Here is what the students said about their day out .....


Yesterday the whole school went for an excursion to hike up Mt. Wombat.  My favourite part was climbing down the rock face but I also liked the view up the top of Mt. Wombat.  The most challenging part was climbing up the mountain because we had to go over and under sticks and logs.  The most fun was cooking lunch with Erin.  It was really, really cool making the damper.                                 Annabelle

I saw a rock wallaby and it was jumping and it was black and it had a long tail.  It jumped away.                      Tyson

We cooked damper and we climbed a long way on the Mountain.            Ruby

My favourite part was when we cooked our own lunch and damper because it didn’t take long and I was starving from the walk.  The most challenging part was walking up the mountain because I got really tired but I persisted and it really paid off.  The most fun I had was walking down the hill because it was such a rush.             Joan

I liked the walking.  We cooked burgers for lunch.  My favourite part was walking down the hill.        Jay